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What is the "Perfect" flying machine?

The answer depends on your need. If you want to get into outer space or from one location to another quickly you would need a different machine than you would if you just wanted to fly for fun.

Let's consider the options for flying just for fun.

If you want to fly for fun you probably want to fly yourself and wouldn't want to hire a pilot or pay more for your machine than you do for an automobile. What's available that meets these requirements?

Some people will say that a hot air balloon is perfect. They are safe, slow, quiet and not more expensive than the average automobile. But their major drawback is that you can't "come back home" in one of them. You are stuck wherever the wind blows and have to call someone to come get you and haul your craft home. If you live on the coast you have to worry about the wind blowing you out to sea.

Many people build and fly fixed wing ultralight airplanes and tikes. They are reasonably priced and fun to fly. The major problem with small planes is they cost more and require a lot of training to fly. You always have to pay close attention to the stall speed, avoid rolling and if you have to make an emergency landing you need a large open space. They are not easy to transport.

Gliders are fun but they need assistance to get started and they may not be able to get to the desired landing location. Flights are usually limited to a short period of time.

Powered Parachutes (Powerchutes) may be the ultimate flying machines. They fly slowly, about 26 mph, and landings can be made without power. The speed an altitude they fly makes it easy to see everything - inspect timber, view wildlife - even count the points on a buck deer.

People can learn how to fly them after a few hours training. The amount of time and cost for training is less than half that of any other aircraft. Their safety record is excellent and they can return to the location they took off from. They are probably the easiest aircraft to transport since the "wing" folds up in a bag. Their disadvantages are about the same as flying any aircraft. Flying in bad weather and high wind is not a good idea!

How I built a Powered Parachute

List of materials

Plans and setup

An alternative method of building

Sport Pilot Knowledge Test - with answers

Click Here to read an overview on how to SAFELY Fly a powered parachute. This is offered ONLY to help prepare you for lessons from a qualified instructor. It is easy to get seriously injured or killed when you attempt to fly any aircraft. Even if you can fly without training the cost of training is almost always LESS than the damage that you are likely to cause to your machine.

Two very cool pictures taken from the air: USA - Elephant

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