The Crack Talk Newsletter

Update, September 2009. Here is a collection of

My favorite Vista and Windows 7 tweaks

For 9 years (1997-2006) Crack Talk was a weekly newsletter that was published and delivered to supporting members via email.

At one time the free circulation reached 50,000 but it was too demanding to deal with the feedback (requests and questions) so the focus shifted to paying customers.

In 2004 the newsletter was voted 3rd place (on the entire internet) in "Best Independent Tech Blog Readers Choice Awards"

July 1st 2006 the newsletter was discontinued to pursue other interest.

Here is some info I have found to be most useful or entertaining:

Some info is in text format so you will have to copy and paste any links you want to visit.

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My Son Charles taking his new bride Hitomi Flying

A shameless plug for the Roofing Hoist I build and sell through eBay and http://roofing

My aviation site, including details on an aircraft I designed, built and flew.

My home projects are listed here.