Flying my Powerchute

Photos I took while flying my powerchute.

Here are some pictures from flying:

Taking off with My daughter Teresa... going



Runway I use when I'm visiting my Dad's farm. It's cut in Bugg Warren's hay field.

My house in Irvington Alabama

The city of Bayou La Batre Alabama, made famous by Forest Gump for the shrimping business.
When I moved back to Alabama I bought the two story building near the center of this picture. It had extensive fire damage and I spent over a year restoring it. It's now a multi-residence for foreigners working in the shrimp processing businesses.

A plant nursery in Irvington Alabama

My dad, Harold Blount, standing on his door step at his home in Irvington Alabama.

My dad in his garden at his home in Millry Alabama.

Bashi Alabama, church with the county water tank behind it.

Every wonder where the cow birds go to roost at night? There are hundreds in this area.

A view of Franky Johnston's chicken houses near Millry Alabama.

A shadow of my chute as I was flying over a construction site.

The digging machines look like toy trucks in this picture.

Morning clouds over 20 acres of land my father had clear cut. I had cut 65 pickup loads of firewood from the treetops and stumps left behind.

Several Lakes in Washington County Alabama.

Pictures of my hometown Millry Alabama.

Ball Parks in Millry Alabama.

This guy has the perfect cut yard. Well there is a little place on the left he could straighten up.

A hayfield near Silas Alabama.

There aren't many fields in Washington County Alabama because almost eveyone planted their fields with pine trees. So I like to follow a pipeline when I fly so I have a place to land without crashing into a tree or power lines in case of emergency.

Chatom High School

Washington Court House

Chattom Businesses

Chattom Post Office

Deer trying to hide in pine trees.

Teresa flying with her Dad.

Teresa taking a lesson.

Teresa driving the powerchute on the ground.

Me saying "so long."