Blount Painting and Remodeling - 35 years experience

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We specialize in painting, drywall and carpentry work. We design and build utility, boat and rv sheds, fences, decks, cleanup after fire and water damage, make electrical repairs and remodel to your specifications.

We have the tools and trucks to do the jobs we take on and will assist in transporting materials to your job site.

Most importantly, we do it the way YOU want it done and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Here are some of the houses we have painted

House we renovated and painted

The previous owner had dogs that severly scratched the lower cabinet doors. I removed them, sanded, stained and urathaned them... the scratches are no longer visible.

This front door was so badly faded by the sun that the owner was convinced he would have to replace it... but after 6 hours of sanding and staining and urathane it looks like new... and the owner saved at least $1000.

A guest house we painted and re-roofed

New floor


RV and Boat shed - 14 ft overhead clearance

16x16 ft Utility building - including electrical work

This home had fire damage and we replaced the dry wall on all the ceilings and most of the walls and sanded and polyurathaned the floors.

Capstones we put on the top of the brick on the historical Battle House in Mobile, Al.

Charles drilling anchor bolt holes in the capstones with the tallest building in Alabama and Mobile Bay in the background.

We didn't paint this one but we paid for the paint job

Roofing Hoist we designed and sell

Roofing Hoist

Other project showing our work and fun

How to build an airplane

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