Terry Blount's Home Page

I live near Mobile Alabama. I have a BS in Microbiology and a Master degree in Education. I have had several occupations including laboratory work as a medical technician. I owned and operated a moving company in New Orleans for several years until I sold it and moved back to Alabama where I grew up.

I have published over 60 cd rom titles, 49 of the titles are in the "Cream of the Crop" shareware series.

I published a technology newsletter, weekly, for supporting members for 9 years. Technical Newsletter

Here is my most popular website: Windows 7, secrets, tips, tricks, tweaks

I have designed and built an ultralight aircraft and I am a certified flight instructor. PerfectFlyer.com

I also design, build and sell roofing hoists: RoofingHoist.com

I wrote the following political websites.

How to fix the government

A fictional book I wrote about fixing politics

If I were President

Political poll that I set up.

Surviving a failure of government

I sell OSHA and CDL training programs in My eBay Store

My recent construction jobs

Here are some of my "Original Projects" that I documented for posterity.

How to build an airplane

Bird Houses

Essential Oil Extraction

Water Wheel

Shopping Cart Trap

Gravity Lift Piston Water Pump

Irrigation System

FM Radio Station


Work and Flying

House I fixed up to put on the market.

Other stuff

Some of my favorite places and events I've seen in my life include:

Setting sun while crossing the 7 mile bridge on the way to Key West Fla.

Moonlight on the granite cliffs in Yosemite national park.

Lights of Vegas coming over the mountain from Hoover Dam.

Lights of Tampa St.Petersburg Fla. from airplane.

Old Faithful geiser and other sites of Yellowstone national park.

Frozen Hudson River in upstate New York

Northern Lights from Montana

Space shuttle launch

Niagra Falls

Grand Canyon

Let me know what I've missed and I'll put it on my "bucket list."

My email address: tblount@mchsi.com